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Aviation Psychologist, Pilot, and Aircraft Owner Chuck Denison

Chuck Denison, PhD

Aviation and Forensic Psychologist

I am a psychologist, aircraft owner and avid pilot. I graduated from the University of Denver with two grauate degrees in psychology in 1990 and 1994. My specialty practices are aviation psychology and forensic psychology. My offices are in Broomfield, Colorado (Rocky Mountain Metro Airport) and Laramie, Wyoming. I reside in Laramie and commute between locations in my Aviat Husky A-1B bush plane. I maintain my ongoing education in aviation psychology and neuropsychological testing through the HIMS program and the annual aeromedical psychology conference. I provide the CogScreen-Aeromedical Edition test to pilots who seek renewals of their Special Issuance, and work with my associate Dr Kendra Sherwood in administering a variety of FAA and military referred evaluations. I provide forensic consultation to attorneys working on aviation-related legal cases.

My aviation activities are focused on "bush flying" and backcountry operations. I am a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the National Business Aviation Association, the Experimental Aviation Association, the Recreational Aviation Foundation, and four other state pilots' associations in the western US. I am a certified to provide introductory Young Eagles flights through EAA, and serve as President of the Laramie Flying Club.
Neuropsychologist Dr Kendra Sherwood

Kendra Sherwood, PhD

Psychologist (Neuropsychology)

Dr Sherwood is a clinical psychologist specializing in neuropsychology. In addition to her practice at Rocky Mountain Behavioral Medicine, she has been the neuropsychologist for Aviation Psychology since our agency was formed. She is licensed in Colorado and Wyoming.

Dr Sherwood holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and dual master's degrees in Developmental and Clinical Psychology. She has practiced in a variety of settings including psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, and correctional facilities. Her specialty areas include severe and persistent mental illness, neuropsychology, and aeromedical psychology. Personally, she enjoys time with her family, reading a good book, and trying to salvage her flower bed (often to no avail).