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Airman Medical Certification

In all likelihood, you visited this site because you have questions about your Airman Medical Certificate as a pilot or other aviation specialist. More specifically, you may have been instructed to get a psychological or neuropsychological evaluation, or an aviation test called the CogScreen-Aeromedical Edition. The medical certificate can be source of frustration for many airmen, as there are a variety of conditions that can affect your qualification. Even with the much-publicized "Third Class Medical Reform" of 2017, most of us still need to qualify mentally and physically to practice the privileges of an airman. We are here to help you through this process.

Pilot Advocacy, Safety and Objectivity: If you have been referred for a psychological evaluation or HIMS consultation, we at Aviation Psychology will give you a thorough orientation to the process of establishing the First, Second or Third Class Medical Certification.

You can be assured that we share your enthusiasm for aviation. Whether you are referred for a review of psychological fitness or substance abuse recovery, we will help you complete the process successfully. It should be understood that Aviation Psychology is committed to providing an objective assessment of your health. While we advocate for your right to enjoy a thorough, fair process, we always provide your AME or the FAA with accurate information about your ability to function as a pilot or ATCS.

Your Aviation Medical Examiner is the key professional in your medical certification process. We will work closely with your AME to ensure that he or she has the necessary information to represent your case with the FAA.

If you have been advised to seek out a "HIMS trained" medical examiner or psychologist, you will need to work with professionals who have very specific training in working with pilots through the HIMS (Human Intervention and Motivation Study) program. Drs Denison and Sherwood are HIMS-trained psychologists and we are able to help you in a manner not available through general, clinical psychology.
CogScreen-Aeromedical Edition Test

Aviation Psychology Services include:

We work closely with aviation attorneys, Aviation Medical Examiners and psychiatrists.

We offer definitive results to the FAA, including a specific recommendation regarding a pilot's fitness to return to the cockpit and the specific reasons for this recommendation. Our staff is HIMS trained, and thus the pilot's evaluation will meet the standards for the FAA. General psychological evaluations often do not meet the standards for FAA evaluation requirements. Psychologists and psychiatrists who are HIMS-trained and have an aviation-specific specialty will provide pilots with the most appropriate pathway back to the medical certificate and the cockpit.